Map of Clark Center locations

Crisis Services

Clark Community Mental
Health Center provides crisis
services to the residents of
Dade, Barry, and Lawrence

24-hour Crisis Hot Line

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Click the logo below to learn about a web-based mental health support system:


Use it today by calling the Clark Center at 417-476-1000, and we will be more than happy to get you started!

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Brad Ridenour, MS,LPC
Chief Executive Officer

Brad Ridenour became Chief Executive Officer of the Clark Center in July, 2014. Before taking this role at the Clark Center, Brad served as a family assistance worker, case manager, a mental health counselor, a program director and prior to accepting the position of CEO was the vice-president over clinical services.

As young as age 16 Brad, a lifelong resident and active community member of Monett, MO, felt compelled to pursue opportunities in the mental health field. He received B.S. degrees in Psychology, Sociology and a minor in General Music from Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Missouri. He completed his Master Degree in Clinical Psychology at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri.

Our Board of Directors

  • Mark Nelson, President of the Board
  • Jeff Carr, Board Member Vice President
  • Laurie Bowling, Board Member Secretary/Treasurer
  • A.J. Bahl, Board Member
  • Susie Gasser, Board Member
  • Jim Ingle, Board Member
  • Russ Moreland, Board Member

The Clark Center is fortunate to have an active Board dedicated to the Mission of the Clark Center.

Program Directors

  • Laura Beatie - Quality Assurance & Improvement Coordinator
  • Savannah Charleston - Director of Child & Family Services
  • Dr. Kasia Gilpatrick - Assistant Outpatient Director, ADA Services
  • Dr. Charles Graves - Medical Director
  • Deeanna Hawkins - Health Care Home Director
  • Christy Henley - Clinic Director
  • Shannan King - Psychosocial Rehabilitation Director
  • Shelia Layton - Chief Financial Officer
  • Debbie Schoon - Human Resource and Billing Director
  • Karla Smith - Director of Outpatient Services
  • David Whitmire - Adult Services Director

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