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Crisis Services

Clark Community Mental
Health Center provides crisis
services to the residents of
Dade, Barry, and Lawrence

24-hour Crisis Hot Line

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Overview of Services:

The Clark Center's adult services programs serve as an extension of the Division of Comprehensive Psychiatric Service's arm of the Missouri Department of Mental Health. The program is an important component of a community-based system of care and provides a range of essential mental health services to persons with significant psychiatric disorders and emotional disturbance. All services are community-based and designed to maximize the individual's ability to live as independently and functionally as possible. These services are designed to promote recovery, self-determination and reduce in-patient hospitalizations and out-of-home placements. Adult services are based out of the 104 West Main Street, Pierce City, MO office. To receive additional information or to make an appointment, call 417-476-1000.

Targeted Case Management:

Targeted Case Management Services are designed to assist individuals who are experiencing a crisis situation that is oftentimes acute. The severity of this crisis might necessitate hospitalization if the individual does not receive such intervention. Targeted case managers assist individuals in gaining supports that will help them to achieve stability. Individuals will be assisted in gaining access to educational, social, medical and psychiatric services as well as a number of other professional and natural supports.

Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation:

The Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program provides a variety of key services to persons with chronic and disabling psychiatric disorders. The services provided include community support, psychosocial rehabilitation and psychiatric services. Individuals participate in an initial assessment and subsequent annual evaluations which are designed to determine on-going problems, to discover current functional strengths and weaknesses, to assess the individuals existing support systems, including use of community resources, and to provide specific recommendations with regard to the treatment and community support needs of the person.

The professionals offering Community Support Services provided under the Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program strive to ease individual's adjustment in the community by teaching community living skills, by advocating for individuals and their families, by assessing services provided to the individual by other agencies and supporting individuals in attaining the highest possible level of functioning in the family and community.

Community support services delivered by friendly, compassionate Community Support Workers monitor the individual's symptoms to determine the need for the intervention of the psychiatrist, provide assistance in accessing other needed mental health services, accompany individuals to medical appointments, assist the individual in accessing and utilizing a variety of community agencies and resources to address basic needs, as well as provide social, educational, vocational and recreational activities. Community support workers advocate for the individual with the community-at-large and provide training and coaching for a variety of independent living skills. Those in the program receive psychiatric services under the care of a psychiatrist and might choose to participate in the Psychosocial Rehabilitation program. Both Services are described in more detail below.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR):

The PSR program is designed to assist in meeting the social needs of individuals with severe and persistent psychiatric disorders. The program offers an opportunity for individuals to meet in a caring environment Mondays through Fridays from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. During the all day stay at the center an individual can expect to participate in a variety of social, and informational and educational activities. Classes provided during the day, at times taught by special guests, are intended to help individuals gain knowledge of their psychiatric disorders and learn important life coping skills. Several times during the year day trips are planned to help individuals engage the community. Participants in the program have enjoyed trips to such as places as Silver Dollar City and the Branson Belle. A highlight of the year is the annual overnight camping trip. Transportation is made available to all participants to and from the center and to all planned trips.

Psychiatric Services:

Clark community mental health center offers the services of three Missouri licensed Psychiatrists in the Pierce City and Monett clinics to provide medication services to stabilize and manage a variety of mental health disorders. Through the community psychosocial rehabilitation center, a nurse is available Monday through Friday 8:00-5:00 to assist the Psychiatrist and clients. The psychiatric nursing staff monitors vital signs and blood sugar, assists clients with organizing weekly medication planners, ensures monthly medication refills with local pharmacies, and provides psychotropic injections.

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