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Crisis Services

Clark Community Mental
Health Center provides crisis
services to the residents of
Dade, Barry, and Lawrence

24-hour Crisis Hot Line

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Use it today by calling the Clark Center at 417-476-1000, and we will be more than happy to get you started!

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Adult Case Management


CPRP is a Case Management (Care Coordination) program which refers to the arrangement and coordination of individual's treatment and rehabilitation needs, including medical, social and educational services and supports. These services are provided by Care Coordinators (CC), paraprofessionals with specialized training and advanced education in the area of psychology, education, or other appropriate area of study.

Services Offered

Teaching of social living skills,
Coordination and monitoring of services and support activities,
Escorting clients to services when necessary to achieve desired outcomes,
Direct assistance including coaching and modeling of specific behaviors and responses,
Wellness Coaching, which is a set of techniques designed to focus on achieving and maintaining wellness,
Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) in which clients may participate in a day program of classes and activities,
Peer Support which involves an employee with lived experiences of recovery modeling successful recovery behaviors, and
Outreach, a service whereby a care coordinator can assist an individual in getting connected to a Medicaid service.

All participation in CPRP services is voluntary.


Individuals must be 18+ years of age and reside in Barry, Lawrence or Dade County, and determined eligible through a Psychosocial Assessment.

How to enroll:

Contact the Director of the program by phone or e-mail.

Director of Adult Services:

David Whitmire, MS, LPC
Ph. 417-476-1000

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